TEHRA, IREKS ... and the BREAD
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I. Grain and flour analysis from wheat, rye, corn, barley, oat and other kinds of grain cultures with modern laboratory equipment:


  • Organoleptic evaluation of raw materials and finished goods (appearance, color, smell, etc.)
  • Physical-chemical analysis of raw materials and finished goods according to standardized methods and express determination by NIR analyzer of indicators such as:

Moisture, Protein, Fat, Hectoliter weight, Acidity, Ash content, Quantity of wet gluten, Relaxation of gluten, Falling number

  • Laboratory test with CHOPIN Alveograph

Determination of the baking quality of wheat grain and flour. Records the strength of the flour (W) and quality of the gluten (expansibility and plasticity: P / L)

  • Laboratory test with BRABENDER Farinograf

Determination of the baking quality of flour by rheological properties of dough

  • Laboratory test with BRABENDER Extensoraph

Determination of the quality of gluten - elasticity and plasticity

  • Sedimentation value by method of ZELENY

Determination of the protein content in the flour that shows its baking power

  • Sensory analysis for measurement of the volume and shape stability of bread and bakery products by laser Volume meter
  • Sieve analyzer - laboratory equipment for sieve RETSCH analysis

Measurement of particles’ size of the flour by sifting


II. Problem solving of flour quality, bread and bakery products in milling factories and bakeries, through recommendations for usage of correctors, improvers and other products.


III. Grain processing and manufacturing of various types of flours with raw materials of the client


IV. Milling of bio seeds - wheat, rye, corn, einkorn, spelt, triticale and production of bio flour: - Organic wholegrain wheat flour - Organic wholegrain rye flour - Organic wholegrain maize flour - Organic wholegain tritickale flour - Organic wholegrain einkorn flour - Organic wholegrain spelt flour


V. Grinding and Corrugation of rollers for the milling factories