TEHRA, IREKS ... and the BREAD
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Wholegrain "Graham'' bread


The last fifty years are characterized by aspiration of people to restore the habit of increasing the consumption of wholegrain bakery products, derived from wholegrain flour of rye, wheat and other cereals.


Did you know...?


...The name „Graham“ is connected with the name of American Dr. Sylvester Graham, declared the benefits of eating wholegrain bakery and recommended their consumption.In the twentieth century in professional circles of Europe wholegrain flour is also known as „unsieved“ flour.

Through its various names over time, the product became known by differentnames: whole wheat flour, ''Graham'' flour, unsieved flour and rarely - integral flour - flour from all parts of the grain. For a real wholgrain flour are nessery the fowling elements:

 -         The technology has to include once grinding grain, after its pre-cleaning;

 -         The received flour has to be a natural mixture from all parts of the grain: shell germ, endosperm;

 -         The grain has to be with a good quality of the gluten and enzyme activity, in order to receive flour and after that a dough with very good indicators and bread with good volume, uniform porosity of the crumb, aroma and flavor;


Here is our recipe for your bread:


Wholegrain "Graham'' bread


Wholegrain wheat flour „GRAHAM“                                  

1 kg


0.20 kg


0.20 kg


0.10 kg


0.20 kg


0.20 kg

Water approximately                                                 

7.50 l


18.20 kg




Kneading time:                     7 minutes on a slow speed + 2 miutets on a fast                     

                                              speed with spiral mixer


Bulk fermentation time:        10 -15 minutes

Processing:                            The dough is separating on pieces  in round form

Final proof:                            about 50 minutes under standard fermentation chamber

Baking:                                   temperature from 220º C giving steam, after that  remove the cover and let the steam

                                               to evaporate and bake on 190º C