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Wheat harvest 2019

Wheat harvest 2019


SOLUTION – TEHRA  offers correctors for flour


The wheat harvest for 2019 is almost complete. For grain producers, millers and bakers, besides quantity, of great importance for their production and trade activities is the quality of the grain.

Wheat samples from different regions of the country were analyzed at TEHRA’s physico-chemical laboratory. The main indicators that determine the quality characteristic of the wheat, define it to be with better quality in 2019 than compared with the wheat produced in 2018.

Humidity is low - about 12.0%; values ​​per hectolitre mass range from 72 to 82 kg/100 dm3 (in some areas values ​​range from 64 to 68kg/100 dm3); the harvest of wet gluten, as average values, is between 24 and 26%, but in many areas grain is harvested with 28–30% wet gluten, where the gluten harvest ranges from 4.0 to 8.0 mm (in some samples values ​​from 2.0 to 4.0 mm - tight gluten were reported); the Hagberg falling number is over 350 s, which can be noted as a crop deficiency. The high Falling Number values ​​reported indicate low α-amylase activity, which affects the baking quality of the flour produced. In mills, insufficient amylase activity is compensated by the addition of suitable correctors.

In TEHRA, based on the results of the analysed flours, the ingredients of the offered correctors for the milling industry and those of the improvers used by the bakers are updated annually. The main goal set by TEHRA specialists is high quality production.


Correctors for flours, based on the wheat harvest 2019


Types of correctors

Wet gluten, %

Gluten Relaxation, mm

Falling Number, s


Melteh  А

(for low water absorption flours, 53-58%)

 Over 24


 4 to 8


 Over 350

0,1 – 0,12

(1000g/1t  to 1200 g/1t)

Melteh  Correct

(for flours with normal water absorption and low amylase activity, 58-64%)

 Over 24


2 to 5


 Over 380

0,1- 0,12

(1000g/1t  to 1200 g/1t)


With the addition of the right corrector for this year’s wheat harvest, an elastic and well-formed dough could be prepared. The bread has an even porosity, high volume and golden brown color of the crust.