TEHRA, IREKS ... and the BREAD
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Standard Terms

Standard Terms

Promotion "Tasty and Healthy with TEHRA"

Standard Terms

The participation in the promotion is subject to the purchase of the product!

Please keep the product packaging with the promo code in order to get your prize!

Call and confirm your prize if your registered code is winning!


1. The current promotion is organized by "TEHRA" Ltd. UIC 831909855, address: town Sofia 1408, str. Burel №1. Participants in the promotion are required to comply with the terms of these Official Rules (further referred to as "Official Rules").

2. By participating in this promotion, the participant declares that he/she is familiar with the rules of the promotion and agrees to comply with them.

3. The Official Rules will be made public on the website www.tehra.com/promo and will be available for the whole duration of the promotion.

4. The organizer reserves the right to change or add the Official Rules by announcing it publicly www.tehra.com/promo. The organizer has the irreversible right to terminate the Promotion at any time in cases of occurrences of any physical abuse, violation of rules or force majeure circumstances. In these cases, no compensation is owed to the participants and no returns of products are allowed.

5. Each winning participant can get more information regarding the promotion and ways to get the prize of the promotion by calling numbers 02 963 40 64 or mobile 0878 407 152 (cost based on the tariff plan of the calling person – no additional costs of the phone serviece).

6. In order to receive a prize of the promotion, the winners are required to keep and submit the packages with the glued stickers with the winning codes when receiving the award.


1. The promotion is organized and conducted on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria.


1. Promotion Period: 11.20.2014 - 20.02.2015 including. The last possible day for registering the promo codes on the website www.tehra.com/promo is 20.02.2015; every code registered on the website before 11.20.2014 or after 20.02.2015, will be considered invalid. The organizer has no obligation to correspond to customers in relation to and for claims for receipt of prizes, brought in after 5.3.2015.


1. The products included in the promotion are all products TEHRA brand and with glued promotional sticker that contains information about this promotion.

2. The packaging of all the products involved in the promotion will be glued with promotional stickers with scratch box, below which will be displayed unique promotional code.

3. Residues after 20.02.2015 the "participating products" (packages with promotional stickers) may be found in retail outlets until products stock out, however the organizer will not be responsible for providing prizes after this period.


1. Purchase a TEHRA product with promotional sticker, scratch the scratch box to see the promo code. The location of the code can be identified by the word "scratch and register" on the sticker.

2. Under the scratch box of every sticker there is a 10 character code. The unique codes are a combination of Arabic numerals and Latin alphabet letters. Participants can register the code for free on the following Internet address: www.tehra.com/promo.

3. To register the unique code participants must enter their name, address, correct email address and telephone number in addition to the promo code from the packaging. Upon registration of the code on www.tehra.com/promo, the participant in the promotion will be notified within 48 hours, if he/she wins immediate prize. All winning codes will be posted on the website of the organizer www.tehra.com on the main menu NEWS.

4. It is NOT possible to win immediate prizes and participate for the lottery of big prizes with the same unique code. If the code is a winning code for the immediate prize it does not automatically continue to participate in the lottery for the big prizes. Immediate prize winners must submit a new unique code from a new packaging in order to continue their participation for the big prizes.


  • 1000 units Wheat flour type 500
  • 500 units Ready-to-use flour mixture


  • 3 units Robot for homemade bread 
  • 5 units Kitchen mixer
  • 20 units Kitchen bread knife
  • 50 units Bread board

5. Each participant may enter an unlimited number of codes. A participant can only win one unit from each prize. A participant may register maximum 10 codes per day, each subsequent trial will be considered as invalid registration.

6. Notification after registration

6.1. After the registration of the unique code from the packaging of a product of TEHRA LTD if code is a winning code for immediate prize, the participant will be notified by email within 48 hours. If the participant does not win immediate prize, he/she continues participation for the lottery of the big prizes.


1. The prizes in this promotion are 2 types as follows:

Immediate prizes - 2 types

  • 1000 units Wheat flour T500
  • 500 units Ready-to-use flour mixture

Large prizes - 4 types

  • 3 units Robot for homemade bread
  • 5 units Kitchen mixer
  • 20 units Kitchen bread knife
  • 50 units Bread board

2. All prices can be won by lottery. After sending the code, the participant is notified by e-mail within 48 hours, if winning immediate prize. All participants in the promotion, which sent a unique code and don’t win immediate prize, automatically are registered to participate in the lottery for the big prizes.


1. Every day (weekday) of the promotion period on average 15 units of flour and 7 units of ready-to-use flour mixtures can be won.

2. No substitution of prize is allowed with its cash equivalent or any other type of prize.

3. The winners will receive their awards against provided promotional packaging with the winning promo codes.


1. The big prizes will be automatically drowned (e-lottery) by an independent third party (www.randomwinners.com) in the presence of a committee consisting of representatives of TEHRA LTD.

2. The drawing of the big prizes will be held on 23.02.2015

3. The drawing of the prizes of the lottery will be done among all registrations for participation for the big prizes, but not codes that have won immediate prize. This includes all registered codes between 0:00:00 p.m. of 20.11.2014 and 23:59:59 p.m. on 02.20.2015.

4. From the winning codes, the names of the winners and part of the address (city) will be posted on the website of the organizer of the promotion - www.tehra.com on the main menu NEWS.


1. Each winner must confirm his/her prize within 10 days by calling the telephone numbers listed in Section I., point 5 of the General Conditions of the promotion. Unconfirmed prizes within the prescribed period won’t be awarded to the winners or other participants. The promoter has no obligation to correspond in relation to delivery claims, exercisable within 10 days of receipt of confirmation of his/her win. Unconfirmed prize by a winning participant until the given period automatically loses the prize.

2. The winners will receive a notification email that they won one of the 1578 total number of prizes, with a request to call 02/963 40 64 or 0878 407 152 (cost based on the tariff plan of the caller without any additional expenses) to confirm the winning prize. After confirmation, the prizes can be claimed (found) at the designated addresses of the warehouses of TEHRA in major cities such as: Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Dobrich, Ruse, Veliko Tarnovo, Vratsa, Haskovo, Lomets (Troyan Township), Razgrad, Dupnitza.

3. In terms of invalid contact telephone number, invalid email address or invalid address or other incorrect provided information, the organizer will not carry any responsibility.

4. Prizes will be received in person only when presenting an identity document or by an authorized representative and promo codes for the transfer of the prize. For receiving the prize the participant must sign a delivery note.

5. Receiving immediate prizes will start from 10th of December.

6. The promotion is open to all individuals who live in Bulgaria, with over 16 years of age, except employees of TEHRA Ltd. BONMIX Ltd. TEHRA NOVA and their family members (children, parents and spouses).


1. All personal data will be treated as confidential information in accordance with current legislation regarding the protection of personal data.

2. By participation in this game, the participants voluntarily provide personal information (name, phone number, e-mail etc.), and agree that such data may be used (collected and administered) by TEHRA Ltd. and / or any other company of the TEHRA group companies and their subcontractors for purposes of the game and / or distribution of prizes. Participants in the promotion express their agreement that in case of winning their name, address or photograph could be made public and be used in audio, print and video materials by the organizer of this promotion.

1. If there is a printing or other error made by the participant when typing the unique promotional code from the package of promotional product, which leads to the invalidity of the same, the promoter shall not be liable. In order to be valid the unique code should be properly written in capital letters, as printed on the sticker on the packaging of the product purchased.

2. In any dispute the validity of a registered code, the decision of the organizer will be final.


1. The organizer of the promotion is not responsible and will not be drawn in by a party to the litigation for ownership of stickers with winning codes. All registrations of codes from promotional stickers are subjected to verification by the organizer.

2. The organizer is not required to conduct correspondence for not winning claims, destroyed codes, unclaimed prizes in time, at the expiry of promotion or other similar occasions.

3. The organizer shall not be liable for the consumer if the promotional packages are commercially available after the expiry of the promotion.

4. The organizer and retailers that sell promotional products are not responsible for invalid codes due to printing errors or codes that have been damaged during manufacturing and packaging of the products or unpacking by users.

5. Any dispute between the organizer and the participants shall be resolved through negotiation or if failing to reach an agreement - through the intervention of the competent authorities.

6. The organizer shall not be liable in the event of force majeure circumstances preventing the delivery of the winning a prize.

7. The promotion is organized by "TEHRA" Ltd. in the Republic of Bulgaria. "TEHRA" Ltd. reserves the right to change the period of the promotion, if due to unforeseen circumstances such as delay of promotional materials or others, may not activate the promotion from 20th of November 2014 and / or terminate on 20th of February 2015.

8. The organizer is not responsible if the winner has provided an invalid or wrong telephone number or corresponding e-mail, or other incomplete information for receiving the prize.