TEHRA, IREKS ... and the BREAD
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TEHRA is a Bulgarian company established in 1992 that has rich history and traditions. The company is a leading Bulgarian manufacturer of raw materials working in the food industry and targeting sectors such as milling factories, bread and confectionary producers. 


Main activities of the company are manufacturing and trading of products such as: traditional, specialized and wholegrain flours, correctors for flours, improvers and mixes for bread and confectionery products, sourdoughs, extruded products, emulsion “Volio” intended for spraying on trays and forms, toppings for bread and many other products for producers. In the product range, TEHRA has also ready-to-use flour based mixes for preparing bread and confectionary products at home. 


The company`s production base is located close to village Lomets (Troyan municipality) where modern equipment, mechanized and automated technological processes are used and implemented. 


TEHRA`s customers are mainly companies from the milling industry, bread industry and confectionery, as well as catering companies, hotels, restaurants, producers of morning goods and banitsa, boutique bakeries, households and others. TEHRA is in a long-term partnership with the German company IREKS and together they offer in Bulgaria high - quality products for bakers and confectioners.


TEHRA`s innovative department works for the development of new products and original recipes in accordance to the local and international market trends. TEHRA has a team of specialists who make presentations, advise and serve the needs of all customers with dedication and care for their future market development.

In the Demonstration Center of Tehra there are different seminars, trainings and other events organized for presenting innovative developments and upgrading the qualification of the employees who are involved in the production processes.